JT Daniels Art

Took portfolio photos for local mural artist.

“Easy to work with and reliable! I enjoy working with Caleb because he's able to travel and because he shows up on time, which makes what I do a little easier knowing I can count on him to get the right shots at the right time. He's able to interpret what my needs are, based on the project I'm currently working on and is able to get the needed angles/moments without me stopping to give him redirection. “



Finding Kansas City

Wrote articles and took photographs of Kansas City restaurants and attractions for local website Finding Kansas City.

"Stet Media does consistently great work for Finding Kansas City as a writing and photography partner. It's a refreshing boost of confidence to know projects will be delivered with professional quality, on time, and with a creative touch."

Blip Roasters

Took portfolio and promotional images and videos for local coffee roaster. Assisted with social media management. 

"Working with Stet Media has been a huge help. Photo shoots and social media work are handled promptly and efficiently. Photos are often ready hours after the shoot. Having Stet Media on board has not only helped increase our online presence, but has taken great photos and videos for social media. Having Caleb on board with Blip has allowed projects to be completed in a more timely manner, and has added a new quality to our work."

Redeemer Fellowship Kansas City

Stand-by editor for local church. Took photos and video at various events.

"Stet Media is fantastic to work with. We have used them to proof handouts, graphics, mass emails, and more. Since we communicate often, we know how important it is to have our work looked over. Stet Media is fast, professional, and fun to work with."

Midwestern Baptist Theological Seminary

Stand-by editor for local Baptist seminary. Edited small handbook (3000 in print) for church planters.

"We turned to Stet Media when we’ve had tight deadlines and needed additional resources to complete a project. Caleb provided us with, “another pair of eyes” in both a timely and friendly manner."


Base Academy of Music

Stand-by volunteer editor for non-profit music school. Took photos at concerts, fundraisers, & events.

"Stet Media is quick, knowledgeable & accurate. We have used them for copy editing of our monthly newsletter, brochures and board reports among other things and they have even done some photography of our events before. Typos and formatting errors should not get in the way of the message you are conveying and I felt confident in every communication BAM sent out after Stet Media had looked it over."

Sound & Video Contractor Magazine

Served as editor and social media consultant for professional AV trade publication. Copyedited and compiled monthly section. Did assorted other copyediting for magazine and website. Updated the website and ran social media (grew Facebook by more than 200% and Twitter by 100% in three years).

"Caleb Sommerville, the force behind Stet Media, is resourceful and savvy. He oversaw our social media production as well as several other editorial projects for our magazine, including a cover shoot. We needed someone who could look around and see what needed to be done without a lot of handholding or instruction. He jumped right in. He also has a great eye for exacting detail—a necessary quality when covering technical copy. His work was clean, smart, and produced efficiently."


Fredric Sims

Built website, helped with social media, and did several professional photoshoots with local poet & musician.

"Stet Media is great to collaborate with! Getting things done in a timely manner. Helping the ideas you have in your head come together in reality. Creative and Professional. So you get best product possible. As a solo artist Stet Media was not only affordable, but helpful in getting necessary tools up and running!"


The Writers Place

Took photos, managed and maintained website, and managed online event calendar as a stand-by volunteer for local writer's nonprofit.

"Caleb has been an enormous help to us by updating our website, finding ways it can be improved, and taking excellent photographs for us to use there. He is professional, patient, and fun to have around. He is also helpful to us in organizing procedures for all our social media and in helping us assess and improve our identity on various platforms. He is a valuable member of our communications team."